Dr. Bedy Lau and his team help their patients build self-confidence and see positive changes in their lives through enhancing their natural beauty.

Surgery Financing

The surgical and non-surgical procedures that Dr. Bedy Lau offers are not covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia or any other provincial health plans in Canada. There is a possibility that extended health insurance plans may cover certain procedures. Recognizing that financial considerations may prevent some people from starting facial plastic procedures, Dr. Bedy Lau has partnered with Crelogix to offer a variety of affordable financing options.

How to Apply

With over 40 years of experience, Crelogix provides convenient financing plans, excellent customer service, and fast processing times. With 24 hours, one of their representatives will inform you of your eligibility. Crelogix can help you afford your procedure today.

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Schedule A Consultation with Dr. Bedy Lau Today

If you have been thinking about a facial plastic surgery or procedure, Dr. Bedy Lau encourages you to schedule your initial consultation today by calling his office at 604-559-3223. His office staff will help you arrange the necessary financing to help you enhance your natural beauty.