Neuromodulator injections lessen the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. It is an almost pain-free, in-office procedure requiring no down time.


Treatment for dynamic wrinkles is most often completed with neuromodulating agents. By utilizing its muscle paralytic properties through injection, it lessens the appearance of dynamic wrinkles.


Neuromodulator injections are an almost pain-free, in-office procedure requiring no down time. The effects are noticeable within a week and can last up to 3 to 4 months before another injection is needed.


There are three main applications for neuromodulator injections:

  1. Wrinkle Treatment:
    Neuromodulator injections can lessen the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, which are those wrinkles or fine lines that are noticeable when the patient smiles, frowns or raises the brows. It can also be used to decrease the smile lines at the lateral corners of the eyes (Crow's Feet), the furrows between the brows (Glabellar wrinkles) which make people look serious, or the horizontal furrows on the foreheads. The results are smoother skin with less fine lines, and a younger and more relaxed look.
  2. Facial Contouring (Facial Slimming):
    Neuromodulator injections can be used to soften the jawline, reduce the 'chin-dimples' and reduce certain types of lower eye bags.
  3. Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating):
    Neuromodulator injections can reduce underarm sweating.

The two brands of neuromodulator injections that are approved by the Health Canada and are used at Dr. Lau's clinic are BotoxTM and Xeomin®.


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