By utilizing the water-retaining property of hyaluronic acids, and the volumizing property of calcium hydroxylapatite, filler injections provide volume to the skin, which can enhance various facial features, such as flattened cheek or midface, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, flat nasal profile and weak chin.


Loss of skin tissue volume in the midface, as well as the appearance of a depressed groove below the lower eyelid (tear troughs or nasojugal groove) are two of the most common features of an aging face. Dermal filler injections in the right place will restore lost volume and provide a lifting effect in the midface. And although the definitive treatment for the nasojugal groove is lower eyelid surgery by placing dermal filler strategically, the depression can be filled, providing a smoother lower eye to midface contour and giving a more spirited appearance overall.

For patients born with weaker jawlines and chins, or flat nasal profile, dermal filler injections can provide better definition to those areas and result in better balanced facial features.


Dermal filler injections provide volume and lift to the skin soft tissue, which can enhance various facial features.

Dermal filler injections are an almost pain-free, in-office procedure requiring no down time. The enhanced effect is immediate and, depending on the areas of injection, can last 9 months to more than a year before another injection is needed. There may be some mild swelling, and occasionally bruising, at the injection sites.


Dermal filler injections provide lost volume to the face, thus enhancing the face with a balanced and youthful appearance.

There are 5 main application areas for dermal filler injections:

  1. Eye contouring:
    Dermal filler injections can replace lost volume around the eyes to reduce the sagging appearance Dr. Lau does not only inject under the eyes. Rather, he will involve the surrounding areas of the eyes to achieve a well-balanced and youthful contouring of the eyes.
  2. Nose contouring:
    Dermal filler injections can help to shape the nose.
  3. Mid-face rejuvenation:
    Dermal filler injections help enhance volume of the cheeks and provide a lifting effect, contributing a smooth and youthful midface contour.
  4. Chin and jawline contouring:
    Dermal filler injections provide lift and volume in the chin and jaw area, giving a more defined jawline for a more balanced face overall.
  5. Lip contouring:
    Dermal filler injections can subtly plump up the lips, resulting in better definition of the lip contour. Dr. Lau makes sure the lips have better contour without producing an over-injected look.

The four brands of dermal fillers used at Dr. Bedy Lau's clinic are Juvederm® , Belotero® ,Teosyal® and Radiesse® . All of them are approved by Health Canada.


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