Nose reshaping corrects facial imbalance and enhances the overall harmony of the face.


The nose is at the central location of the entire face so it draws a lot of attention. Dr. Lau respects that different characteristics of the nose exist in different ethnicities, however, sometimes, they may not be in the right proportions to the rest of the face. Some undesirable characteristics include hooked nose, tip bulbosity, deviated or crooked nose, flat or low nasal bridge (nasal dorsum). Nose reshaping corrects facial imbalance and enhances the overall harmony of the face.

Dr. Lau was certified in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and has a very thorough understanding of the function and anatomy of the nose. He enhances the appearance of the nose without sacrificing the function of the nose. Dr. Lau was also professionally trained by Dr. Andrew Frankel, one of the world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills, during his Facial Plastic subspecialty fellowship training.


Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) can be done in either a closed fashion (no external incision) or an open fashion (with a single small incision at the base-collumellar incision, which will be an eventual inconspicuous scar. Which method is used depends on the innate anatomy of the nose and the types of improvement desired. It may involve harvesting some grafting materials (ear cartilage or septal cartilage), or using synthetic materials commonly employed in rhinoplasty (Teflon, silastic, etc). Depending on the desired outcomes, osteotomy (controlled bone breaking and reshaping) may be needed. A cast will be worn for one week.

The nose reshaping procedure takes 2-5 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the procedure.


The cast and any sutures will be removed 5-7 days postoperatively. Bruising will take 5-10 days to dissipate. Most of the swelling will take about 2 weeks to settle, and most of the residual swelling will take 2-3 months to settle. However, it may take up to 9 to 12 months for all of the swelling to settle. By about one month time, the scar and the swelling will be quite inconspicuous. Most patients can return to normal social function after 2 weeks.


A nose with well-balanced features contributes to a harmonious overall facial appearance.


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